Trial - Promoting Fundamental British Values - 2017-18

Who's it aimed at?:

Tutors, lecturers, trainers, facilitators and other staff members supporting curriculum delivery within the FE and skills sector.

Duration: 60 Minutes


Sections include:  The internal and external context for embedding, an equality refresher, inclusive learning, good practice – before, during and following the session, moving forward, certificate and learning overview.  Themes:  Ofsted, Public Sector Equality Duty, partnerships, community, preparing learners for their next steps.

No. of Questions:

There are 36 questions (6 questions in each of the 6 assessed sections).  The user is required to score at least 5/6 correctly (83%) in each section before progressing, and is automatically prompted to re-take a section if they do not achieve the pass mark.  Each section also has a range of other complementary interactive exercises.


This new course provides training for staff on how to promote British values in the context of obligations outlined within The Prevent Duty.

It includes information, activities and strategies to use with learners in order to cover the democratic process, tolerance of different faiths and beliefs, rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect.