Accessibility Statement

The My Pinnacle partnership is passionate about inclusion.  Accessibility is a key consideration in the development and continuous improvement of our materials and resources.

The following features have been considered to maximise the accessibility of this facility:

We welcome feedback regarding the accessibility of our resources.  Where it is reasonably practical to implement an update that will make the facility more accessible, we will endeavour to make this change.

This is an interactive resource.  Some of the features are complicated in design and proposed accessibility changes may compromise the functionality of the resource.

The facility guidance states that tutors should consider the individual needs of their learners (including any disclosed, or evident, learning difficulties and disabilities) before requesting the activity be completed.

We realise, and we encourage our clients to appreciate, that not every individual will be able to complete this activity unaided.  Some learners may require a support worker or other forms of support to complete the activity.

The approximate timescale for completion of the activity given in the guidance is one hour.  This is, and will only ever be, an estimation.  In this regard, the client is asked to appreciate the following factors:

My Pinnacle Accessibility Development
We are looking to improve aspects of the My Pinnacle training materials with regards to accessibility.  These are as follows:

No element of these proposals (and timescales thereof) are implied or guaranteed.