About Us

Pinnacle team members have been leading FE initiatives since 2000.  This combined knowledge, experience and ideas have been brought together with the My Pinnacle range of equality e-learning courses.


Alex, lead of Pinnacle Training Solutions Limited, has been involved every step of the way:

“These courses have been great fun to create.  It has been extremely satisfying to see them develop from ideas through to thoroughly tested products that are effectively used by thousands of FE stakeholders across the Country”


Pinnacle are always developing something new, the embedding equality in teaching and learning course being the latest edition.  Alex says:

“We are constantly talking with providers, listening to their needs and moving forward.  In a sector experiencing an accelerating rate of change we use our links to good effect by updating our resources regularly and continuously improving our material”


The technical team are responsible for making all the IT magic happen.  David Bunyan, technical lead, says:

“We’ve put a lot of effort into building a solid platform that can be used to deliver the MyPinnacle courses. We take care of the hosting, set-up and any technical issues that may arise. We are only a phone call or email away should you have any technical queries.”